Throughout the history of the Hobbit:KOM forums, there have been thousands of suggestions of basically everything. I love replying to a good suggestion any day, maybe adding some input on a part of it. But unfortunately, not every suggestion can be a good one. Many are not accepted by the community, and are rapidly thrown out the window. Some are forgotten for 6 months, then brought up later, usually after an update concerning that suggestion. There are also some suggestions that get a large number of replies, usually negative on an awfully composed idea. You won’t always make a perfect suggestion to the game, but here are some easy questions to consider before making a suggestion:

1. Am I doing this out of spite (or to get stuff easier)?

Some suggestions seem based purely on one person wanting something because they want more stuff or feel like they can’t compete in individual tourneys (just don’t participate then). They don’t seem to consider the effect that this may have on other players for instance, or Kabam’s revenue. Which brings me to my next two questions.

2. Is this beneficial for both Kabam and the players?

Most of the time Kabam’s side is not taken into consideration, but the players’ side can be well thought through with everything considered. But if Kabam could lose a good source of their income because the suggestion is put into practice, do you think they will use it? Kabam is not a non-profit company.

3. How would this affect the gameplay of others?

To use an example: Recently, with all the changes to stop autoclickers in their tracks, people found other issues to be of larger concern. Now I don’t know if this is because of being ill-informed (by Kabam honestly), or because they just didn’t consider how big it could be, but some quick math would reveal autoclickers can produce thousands of tokens while the operator is sleeping in a single month. This does not even count the day time numbers. And with the limitless numbers of troops and staminas, autoclickers could do it all day while the operator is at work even. The operator could probably go days without stopping the autoclicker. So you may not see it right away, but every suggestion I have ever seen has an impact on the gameplay of others.

4. Is this necessary (useful)?

Some suggestions just have no use. Nothing to really say in reply to them either because they serve no purpose. I can see the point of having different races (hobbits, dwarves, elves, orcs, etc.) as there could be updates adding onto that. But I don’t think many will care about what the map looks like. I don’t remember it being suggested but the 3D map was hard to read in my opinion as after over a year I had gotten acquainted with the old one. (Glad they added the toggle button for it)

Hope this helps with your next suggestion!


Once you have an account set up, please choose a name and profile picture. Much easier to identify you that way. I would also suggest reading at least 10 posts (replies to a thread) from forumers with over 500 posts before you begin posting yourself. Helps to have some knowledge of posting yourself before running into it headlong and just embarrassing yourself.

When typing up a post, keep these questions in your mind: Is this useful?, Will this offend anyone?, Is this relevant to the thread?. These questions will give you solid posts 95% of the time.*

Once that first post is out, others may reply to it using the “reply” or “multi quote” buttons at the bottom right hand side of your post. Use the questions mentioned above if you choose to reply to their reply. Beware of trolls or people wanting to provoke a response!

After posting, you can edit your post. Mods will occasionally do this if you use a specific player’s name, email, or if they find offensive language. You can edit your posts by clicking the “edit post” button in the bottom left hand side of your post.

Check the TOS. Some parts of the TOS are good to know. I won’t tell you to read all of it (excessively long), but definitely nice to realize some more common aspects of it such as: third party sites, bans, etc.

If you have any questions, please let me know. Happy posting!

*Tried and tested over 2,000+ posts


Welcome to the site. I have been actively KOM’ing for over 2 years and foruming since early 2014. I will use this site to post foruming etiquette/tips/tricks/some parts of the TOS you should know before posting/etc. If you have any questions, remember to ask. Will answer anything I have info on or try to find a place to direct you to find knowledge on your question.